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User Qualification Policies
iRT is committed to maintaining professional standards in testing as presented in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing published by the AERA, APA, and NCME.  A central principle of professional test use is that individuals should use only those tests for which they have the appropriate training and expertise. iRT supports this principle by stating qualifications for the use of particular tests, and selling tests to individuals only if they have those qualifications. The policies that iRT uses to comply with professional testing practices are described below.

The "test user" is the individual who assumes responsibility for all aspects of appropriate test use, including administration, scoring, interpretation, and application of results. Some tests may be administered or scored by individuals with less training, as long as they are under the supervision of a qualified test user.

Research Qualifications
  • Policy I
    • We accept orders from individuals for research use of a measure. Tests purchased for research use allow for administration, scoring, and downloading of data collected from research participants.

Clinical Qualifications
  • Policy II
    • We accept orders from:
      1. Members, Associates, and Fellows of the American Psychological Association (APA)
      2. Non-Student Members of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
      3. Members of other professional psychological associations
    • We also accept orders on institutional or academic letterhead from approved or accredited schools or colleges, government and research agencies on, or accompanied by, official purchase order or with purchase order number indicated.
  • Policy III
    • We accept orders from individuals not covered by Policy II when a Qualification Form has been submitted and accepted. (Qualification Form follows)
    • Users must have completed a graduate (or in some cases undergraduate) degree program that included (a) coursework in principles of measurement and in the administration of interpretations of tests, or (b) formal training in the content area of the tests (e.g., social cognition, child psychopathology).
We will send you notice of approval following a qualifications review as quickly as possible.

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